The decision when, where and what kind of real estate to buy, as well as choosing the right time to sell your property or to start a project is not easy. Although at first, it may not seem like this, the moment and the way of buying or selling real estate can greatly affect the real estate price.
From whichever side of the buying/selling or project process you find yourself, you will agree that the price is very important. The seller does not want to sell below the price, as the buyer does not want to overpay the property and the project should justify its value.
Where is the profitability limit of the project? How attractive is it in the market at the moment? Where exactly is the boundary that differentiates the good price from the bad and what all of it depends on?

Our real estate expert knows the answers to these and many other questions.

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Investment Management

The goal of every investment is its return and profit. In order to ensure the strategic planning and security of your investment you should consult your investment expert on time.
The market situation, as well as the trends in business, greatly affect the value of projects and real estate. Thanks to 10 years of experience and knowledge gained through education and practice, we have successfully conducted a great number of estimates of profitability and projections of ROI.
In order to get the maximum value for your money, we will conduct a detailed analysis and based on the obtained data, direct you and your investments in the most lucrative direction. With the elaborated financial strategy and our active leadership and accompaniment, you will meet your investment goals.

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Real Estate

Whether you are looking for real estate that you would use for private purposes, lease it or convert it into tourist facilities, real estate investment is always a good choice! Of course, provided you invest in the right property, at the right time.
The location, style and quality of construction, additional content and real estate purpose – many elements that define property value. Adding to this the general market situation we have a fairly complex mix whose proper understanding and interpretation requires the assistance of a real estate professional.
On the other hand, if you have chosen to sell your property the same elements will help the real estate expert determine its real market value and suggest you how to show your real estate in full glory.

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Project Management

You own a land plot, your desires are clear, and the process of implementing these desires lays ahead of you. This process involves a wide range of experts (architects, interior designers and lawyers) as well as numerous communication processes with several state institutions, to claim all the necesary permits.
In order for the land plot to become suitable for construction and to obtain all necessary permits, a series of steps must be taken. Appropriate knowledge, as well as acquaintances, will greatly facilitate and accelerate the process of preparation for construction and construction itself.
Experienced real estate professional will help you make the best and most cost-effective decisions, enableing your project to reach its full potential.

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Real Estate Development

You bought a land or a real estate and now you are facing the process of building or adapting it to your wishes and needs. You know what you want, but you do not know where to start? Planning the final look of your home or vacation home can be very demanding, especially if you do not have too much construction experience and aren’t very familiar with the the many technical terms you will encounter during the process. Also, the proper financial plan of the project should be set.
Potential sources of funding are numerous, such as banks, funds and other financial institutions, and communication with them is often quite demanding. In order to avoid unnecessary complications or any unwanted results, consult your real estate expert in time.
Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we will help you conceptualize your wishes into a realistic and sustainable plan and identify and secure the best sources of project financing.

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PREMIUM package

For those who want to be sure they are going in the right way from the start, we have developed a complete service package.
Simply put, it integrates the entire investment process into one service: from making estimates, looking for the right land or real estate, executing sales, developing and supervising the implementation of a project that will make the purchased property fit you and your plans.
The quest for quality associates, such as architects and lawyers, will be quick and easy because we know the experts. We will connect you with all the necessary associates, communicate with the institutions and facilitate the obtaining of the necessary permits.
We will monitor the implementation of the project and connect you with the renowned interior designers to make your real estate fit your wishes.
The expert guidance of an experienced real estate agent will greatly aid the entire process. Rather than cluttering yourself with bureaucracy, numbers, and standards, leave it to an expert who will, simply and clearly, guide you through the world of real estate investments.

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